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                                    Southwell Running Club

                                    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

                            Monday 18th May 2015, 7.30 at Southwell Rugby Club


Ian Haigh, Penny Durance, Richard Durance, Paul Orton, Roy Crashley, Pete Lambarth, Phil Sturgeon,  Loraine Fozzard, Mark Edmondson-Jones, Patrick Lynn, Wayne Wilmot, Katy Simpson, Heidi Harris, Caroline Loom, Liz Butcher, Paul Butcher, Paul Grogan, Pete Moody, Simon Willington, Steve Hargrave, Richard Peacock, Peter Cowley, Michelle Hall, Gina Grainger, Jon Calthrop, John Macnamara.

1.         Apologies for absence

Chris Cregg, Paul Cregg, Darren Corbett, Angela Edmonson Jones, John and Kay Cummins, Chris Wales, Bruce Danby.

2.         Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Minutes approved as a true representation of the last AGM.

(i)      Breakdown of costs of the Southwell Swine were requested in the last minutes, these have not been circulated.

Action: Loraine Fozzard to circulate 

3.         Chairperson’s Report

It doesn’t seem too long since my last report and that is because we have had a short term since October 2014. This is due to shifting the end of the financial year to the end of March rather than August. However much seems to have changed since then. Throughout the winter our Tuesday night training sessions have remained popular and we averaged 31 members on Tuesday nights between 1st January and the 10th of February. Since the clocks have gone forward numbers have dwindled somewhat and a group of our regular Tuesday night athletes now train with clubs such as Holme Pierrepont and Mansfield as 2nd claim members. Our Thursday night sessions now only attract a handful of runners despite various efforts and initiatives to rekindle interest and it is clear that the current training structure is not working for the majority of club members who are voting with their feet. Our Tuesday and  Thursday night training sessions are the heartbeat of the club, where newcomers form their first impressions, where friends are made, training partnerships forged and new events and challenges discovered. They are vital to the success of the club and we must focus on finding a way to train together as a club without the requirement for splinter groups that weaken team spirit. It is time for a change and to try something different and new and this should form the main challenge for the committee in the coming year. 

On a more positive note Dick Durance proposed a new Saturday morning rota with session leaders and this appears to have worked well with interest growing steadily over the winter months. The pace tends to be steady and this has started to rekindle some of the social atmosphere that used to prevail at the club.

Jo Semmelroth has successfully introduced a beginners running club which continues to attract new runners to the club. During this time Jo has worked hard to build up enough confidence in her runners to attempt the Santa fun run, which was just before Christmas, and subsequent parkruns.

The committee have worked hard over the past year to establish Southwell Rugby club as our club base for training sessions and functions, and after two positive results from club votes we will start training on Tuesday and Thursday nights from here in the coming weeks. This was the result of club members making positive suggestions for change at a previous AGM.

Since the previous AGM both the North Midlands and East Midlands XC leagues have concluded and I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in and supported the club campaigns over the past year. In the North Midlands league our veteran women finished 4th and our veteran men were 6th which is a superb result. In the East Midlands league our veteran women finished 4th, veteran men second and senior men 6th. This is another great result for SRC in a league where we have established ourselves as one of the major contenders.

Southwell fielded a six man team in the senior men’s category at the Notts County XC championships at Wollaton Park and finished 4th . Paul Butcher was selected to represent England at the British Masters XC championships also at Wollaton Park. Paul was competing in the V50 category race and finished 3rd overall which is a remarkable achievement.

Back in October Southwell fielded two teams in the British national fell & hill relay championships at Barbondale in the Yorkshire Dales. Twelve runners from the club took part and a number of members came along to spectate and support our runners. All ran superbly well with Southwell teams finishing 63rd and 149th from some 200 teams. For some members of our club it is the major event of the year and provided a great weekend away for all involved.

For the first time this year SRC took part in the Notts AC Christmas relays at Wollaton Park. Steve Hargrave organised this and again Southwell fielded two teams finishing 7th and 17th from 60 teams. This was a fantastic result for the club and well done to all who took part. There really is nothing like the atmosphere of a relay event and they are great for team spirit. I hope we will be equally as successful at relay events in the coming year.

The big event for road runners though has to be the London marathon and eleven club members took part this year. The standard of club member’s performances at London just seems to get higher and higher every year, but this year really has seen a huge rise in quality with 9 of the 11 runners inside the 4 hour mark, 5 Pbs and 4 members qualifying for next year’s event as good for age.

On the subject of marathons Dick Durance officially completed his 100th marathon at the Coventry Way ultra this year, which is a truly remarkable achievement and I can only raise my hat in admiration. The longer road events continue to grow in popularity with 11 members taking part in the Stamford 30K and 7 at the Ashby 20 amongst others.

The summer league has also got under way and after two events Southwell teams are doing well and have received good support at both races. We successfully hosted the Hexgreave league race which was once again a major success with lots of positive feedback and a record turn-out for the summer league. I would like to thank everyone who ran and supported the start to our 2015 campaign but also to those who gave up their run to help out with marshalling, car parking and race organisation on the night. It really would not be the success that it is without the massive effort put in by our club members, something that I am very grateful for as race organiser.

On the fell scene we had a great turn-out for the Notts County fell championships at the Wolf’s Pit race in March. For the 5th consecutive year our men’s A team are county champions with Paul Butcher winning open and V50 men’s gold medals and Luke Marshall claiming the open men’s bronze. Paul Grogan claimed the men’s V50 silver medal and Paul Woolhouse won the V40 men’s silver medal. Our men’s B team were 4th and 8 Southwell members took part on the day.

As a result of this race two of our members: Luke Marshall and Paul Grogan have been selected to run for Nottinghamshire at the inter-counties fell competition at Betwys-y-Coed on the 16th May.

This year two of our members took on the challenge of what must surely be one of the world’s toughest races? The Spine race is 268 miles of continuous racing, carrying all the food and kit you need to be self-sufficient for up to 7 days, along the entire Pennine Way in the middle of winter. Running events simply don’t come harder than this, especially when the battle for survival is probably tougher than the run itself. Phil Sturgeon had attempted the challenge last year but could not complete the event so he was back this year to smash it with Paul Orton. Both men completed the race in fine form and I am in a position to make this claim as I personally ran the last 7 miles of the race in reverse until I met our chaps coming towards us and then ran into the finish with them. I can tell you that some of the competitors looked like staggering zombies and some could barely speak never mind run but our men were full of beans and completed the event in fine style. It really was a truly amazing achievement.

That pretty much sums up how I feel about this club as a whole. You are all a truly amazing bunch of runners, and the achievements of all our members has made feel immensely proud to be chairman of this club over the past 4 years. The standard continues to improve rapidly and that is something that everyone here tonight can be proud of. It has been an honour and a privilege to be chairman of Southwell Running club as I can honestly say that I count pretty much every member of this club as friend. Unfortunately my level of responsibility at work has grown to a degree where I can no longer afford to put the running club first and this previous year has been difficult in that respect. Most importantly I strongly believe that any club needs a fairly healthy turnover of leadership in order to keep things fresh, up to date and bring new ideas in to serve the membership with the quality of service that it deserves, so for these reasons I will now stand down as chairman. I believe that we have a very strong and capable committee for the coming year and a very capable and positive candidate for chairman in Paul Orton. I wish the committee, Paul and the club as a whole the very best of success for the future.

Handover during the committee to newly elected Chairperson Paul Orton


4.         Treasurer’s Update

Attachment to Financial Statement to 31st March 2015

It was agreed by the Committee to change the year end date for a couple of reasons, the main one being to fall in line with UK Athletics’ dates:-

Registration date – 30th April 20…

Membership date – 30th June 20…. 

Membership Fee Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of how the membership fees are used – the figures are based on the current membership of 80.

12      UK Athletics (up from 10) – membership fee

1.25   UK Athletics (club fee 100 a rise of 25 on last year) - registration fee

6.25   Southwell Rugby club

2.93   North Notts AAA Affiliation – Summer and Winter league entries and North Notts XC (up from 2014)

0.60   Website – Standard hosting fee

1.75   Refreshments – Bramley Challenge and 10 mile GP race (after contributions from Notfast and HP)

1.88   Trophies and Engraving

26.66 Total


Christmas Party 2014

The club kept to the same budget as the previous year and generated a 7.00 profit.

Southwell Swine 2014

Although the event was a success from the feedback and comments of the runners unfortunately it was not a financial success but the sub-committee have taken this on board and are confident that 2015’s race will be both.



The Southwell branch of the HSBC closed in April 2015 – for the time being we are using the facilities arranged between HSBC and the Post Office.

SRC operates on a tight budget at the moment and unlike the majority of running clubs we do not host a fundraising run to boost club funds.  The committee are looking at the possibility of organising an open race.


Opening Bank Balance 1st September 2014



Membership 2014

Internal Events (Contributions)

Kit Sales

Christmas Party Income

Summer League Race Income




Internal Events


Southwell Swine

Christmas Party Costs

Social Events




Minus uncleared payments


Plus uncleared receipts

Total cleared funds as at 31 March 2015


Closing bank balance 31st March 2015


Discussion: The accounts for the second year were not clear to the members in attendance and it was requested that these be reviewed by the committee to ensure there is clarity regarding annual income and expenditure.


5.         Election of Offices

The following members were elected to serve on the committee for 2015/16:-






Paul Orton

Ian Haigh

Katy Simpson

Vice Chair

Katy Simpson

Ian Haigh

Paul Orton


Pete Moody

Jackie Duers

Ian Haigh


Loraine Fozzard

Mark E-Jones

Angela E-Jones

Membership Secretary

Steve Hargrave

Wayne Wilmot

Dick Durance

Newsletter Editor




Kit Man

Phil Sturgeon supported by Caroline Loom



Press Officer

Peter Cowley




Wayne Wilmot

Penny Durance

Julie Stafford


Chris Cregg

Jackie Duers

Paul Cregg


Chris Wales

Katy Simpson

Ian Haigh


Ian Haigh

Steve Hargrave

Katy Simpson


Heidi Harris

Ian Haigh

Jo Semmelroth


Jen Sutton is standing down as secretary.

6.         Subscription Fees

     The committee proposed that the club subscription should increase to take account of the increased affiliation fees to English Athletics. 

 Fees are as follows:-

30 Senior

18 Senior and second claim

18 Under 18’s or fulltime education

10 Associate (non-running) members

Discussion: Some members felt that the fees for the over 60’s were excessive; this was also raised last year and a motion carried that the fee’s would stay the same for all senior members (see previous years minutes).

Motion Carried: Honorary membership could be agreed for certain members on a case by case basis.

7.         Motions for discussion          

1.      Annual championship based on selected local events support.

Motion carried: Penny Durance offered to support the committee in how this would be organised.

2.      Committee member for promoting local events to club

Motion carried: Committee member to be elected to this task with an additional objective of trying to pull together a Southwell Running Club team for certain key events.

Discussion: It was noted that there are a number of internal events (the Grand Prix, Cross Country series, Caythorpe) that often clash with external races which can impact attendance at the internal events. It was discussed that the internal events may be too numerous and / or the notification of such events not sufficiently timely. It was suggested that an events calendar be created and posted on the website and the format of the Grand Prix be evaluated with consideration given to encompassing external events into the Grand Prix.

Action: This will be taken to the next committee meeting to be discussed. The format to remain the same for this year and proposals brought to the next AGM.

3.      Change in the format of the Thursday night training sessions to a 4-6 week rolling rota.

Motion Carried: Ian Haigh to coordinate this with assistance from other committee members.

4.      Rota for the whipper in on a Tuesday night session.

Motion Carried: Rota to be posted on the website accompanied by reminder emails.

8.         AOB

            Webpage Administration

Discussion: Richard Peacock, current administrator, expressed concern that the webpage is not being updated as he is not receiving any information from the committee. He also feels the task of updating the website should be passed to someone else. No other offers were forthcoming as website administrator.

            Action: The Committee will ensure that the webpage is a standing agenda item at committee meetings and updates are provided to Richard. Appointing an alternative website administrator will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

London Marathon Places

Discussion: The number of free club places for the London Marathon is limited in line with club membership numbers.  The following options of club funded places were discussed:

    The use of Southwell Swine funds in the event that it generates a profit this year or;

    Using the Swine Charitable donation element to secure a charity place in the marathon.

It was further noted that the announcement date of the club place is too late for club members to pursue a charity place. It was proposed that this be moved to earlier in the year and perhaps incorporated into a club social event.

Action: Committee to discuss this further and provide options to the SRC members.


9.10pm Close of Meeting





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