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Training Sessions

Regular training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, both lasting for about one hour starting promptly at 6:45 pm and beginning from Southwell Leisure Centre, Nottingham Road.

Location Map.

To take part in the sessions a runner will need to be confident that they can run at least 5 km.


On Saturday mornings two runs are now organised, a slow group for beginners (or members recovering from injury),   and a second group for the intermediate and faster runners.

The courses are based at a variety of locations within the vicinity of Southwell, with both runs starting from the same point at 9:00 am

Click on the relevant link Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday for further details.

A Guide for Session Leaders


  • Reflective vests to be worn from 1st October to 31st March
  • Use well lit areas during the winter months
  • Abide by the Highway Code and be aware of other road users and pedestrians etc.
  • When running on roads, face oncoming traffic and use pavements whenever possible
  • Send faster runners off first on busy roads to avoid unnecessary overtaking and straying off
  • Do not collect on corners or at junctions
  • Off road areas should be free from potholes and dangerous obstacles and not encroach on private land
  • Ensure you have a "Whipper-in" to look after runners at the back
  • Start promptly and try to keep the session as close to 1 hour as possible.

Training Routines

Ideally the expectations of each runner should reflect individual ability, so that every training exercise / run is completed at about the same time by all.

To try to achieve this:

  • In repetitions or pyramids in which the slower runners do fewer than the faster ones
  • In common 'efforts' use cascading to keep members together
  • Consider setting different effoerts from the same start point for groups of runners of different abilities
  • In longer efforts or "going through gears" use different routes so that we all finish together
  • Use fast runners with slower pairings when appropriate
  • If the end of the session involves running back to the Centre, the distance should be such that this takes no more than ten minutes
  • In order to keep the club together during this final effort you could:
    • Get the faster runners to periodically double back
    • Use different routes of different distances for fast, medium and slow groups
    • Get the faster runners to do a few more efforts before leaving



Tuesday Sessions

Please note that Tuesday is the primary midweek training session  and any prospective new member should  initially  attend  one of these  sessions.

Below is a list of the Tuesday training sessions along with the leader and a whipper in.                                                
Also there is a description of the type of training that each session will focus on.

If either the leader or whipper in cannot make their session, please endeavour to arrange a swap.

  September 2018

Whipper In
04 September
Katy Simpson
Liz Rogers Hills
11 September
Dan Wheat
Volunteer needed!
Intervals - medium distance reps
18 September
Paul Grogan
Ben Parker
Timed/Paced run/Tempo
25 September
Penny Durance
Peter Lambarth
Intervals - short distance reps

  October 2018

Whipper In
02 October
Ian Haigh
Terri Lynch
09 October
Bruce Danby
Barbara Garrett
Intervals - medium distance reps
16 October
Paul Orton
Michelle Hall
Timeed/Paced Run/Tempo
23 October
Steve Hargrave
Terri Lynch
Interval - short distance reps
30 October
Brendan Parkinson
Penny Durance

Thursday Sessions

The Thursday session is based on two seasonal circuits called "The Summer Route" and "The Winter Route".  The principle was designed by Peter Cowley and consists of a basic 5 mile route with extra loops added on to give longer runs.

The Summer Route is a continuous run starting from Southwell Leisure Centre and finishing at the top of Trinity Road. Runners can choose from 5 miles, 6 miles or 7 miles.

The Winter Route is a continuous run starting and finishing at Southwell Leisure Centre.  Runners can choose from 5 miles, 6 miles, 7 miles and 8 miles.

The 7 mile course is identical to the 8 mile except:

1) Norwood Gardens loop is only run once

2)  The Petrol Station loop is only run once

3) At the end return from Westgate directly by Nottingham Road

  Another more challenging route has also been devised, starting and finishing at Southwell Leisure Centre.
  It is 7 miles long but can be shortened by missing out all (or some) of the left hand loop.
  In Winter time this run will require a headtorch.

Runners tend to divide into small subgroups depending on ability and the length of run they wish to do.

Please note that the route(s) offered will be decided on the night as dictated by numbers and ability.

Also note that there will be no club run on the last Thursday of the Summer months (29 June, 27 July and 31 August).

Instead a social 'pub' run of about 5/6 miles is being organised:

29 June - Gone!
27th July – Epperstone, The Cross Keys NG14 6AD (Leader – Liz Butcher/Michelle Hall)
31st Aug – Caunton, The Plough Inn NG23 6AB  (Leader – Paul Grogan)

Maps can be viewed and copied if desired via the links below.

5 mile summer course     6 mile summer course     7 mile summer course  

7 mile course new (headtorch run)

5 mile winter course       6 mile winter course        8 mile winter course  



Saturday Sessions

All groups meet at the location detailed in the diary below but the routes are of different lengths. The aim is for everyone to finish at approximately the same time, after 60 to 70 minutes.

All runs will start at 9:00am unless otherwise specified.

  September 2018

Location & Parking
Group Leader
01 September
SRC Grand Prix - Park Run at Sherwood Pines N/A
08 September
Bleasby, Waggon Car Park
Dick Durance
15 September
Oxton, Village Hall
Wayne Wilmot
22 September
Caunton, Caunton Beck Car Park
George Pass
29 September
Lowdham, Station Road near JCs
Ben Parker

  October 2018

Location & Parking
Group Leader
06 October
East Bridgeford, Kneeton Rd near old pub
Gill Tivey
13 October
Averham, Car Park at end of Church Lane
or  Park Run - Colwick
Barbara Garrett
20 October
Bulcote, Opposite the Church
Brendan Parkinson
27 October
Lambley, Lambley Pub Car Park
Roy Crashley

   November 2018

Location & Parking
Group Leader
03 November
Farnsfield, The Lion Car Park
Helen Jones
10 November
Gunthorpe, Unicorn Car Park
Penny Durance
17 November
Upton, Cross Keys Car Park
Peter Lambarth
24 November
Woodborough, Village Hall
or  Park Run - Gedling
Michelle Hall

   NB To access a Park Run, you will need to register online beforehand:



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